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 AntennaVizTM database/visualization add-on


AntennaVizTM is a data visualization add-on option for NSI2000 antenna measurements software. This option adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability set to your existing NSI2000 toolkit.  This package includes productivity, speed, and collaboration enhancements to aid in your antenna measurement process.


  • Data visualization with movie and combined plots
  • Saving of processed far-field and hologram data
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple NSI2000 files
  • Concurrent processing while acquiring on same PC
  • Multiple window and multiple monitor support
  • Allows operator to customize the user interface

  • Database structure with sorting, filtering, and user query capability
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple files and beams
  • "Movie" mode for analysis of multiple beam and multiple frequency data
  • Multiple dockable windows for database, plots, data and scripts
  • Contour plot overlay for beams/freqs & graphical markers on plots
  • Detached plot module with ability to independently change plot parameter types, scaling, NF/FF/HOLO domain, etc
  • Multiple monitor support / multiple 3D plots
  • Save and restore all plot viewing windows including detached plots
  • Save processed far-field and holo results for fast analysis and presentation

Measurement files NSI2000 format
PC minimum configuration Windows 7 or above
Processor: 3 GHz
Disk space (excluding data files and system cache): 100 GB
USB Port - Required for Hardlock (software security key)
Items included SW download & User Guide, periodic updates for a year

Far-field cut

Far-field image

Far-field 3D

Far-field listing

Combined view and movie mode

Databases and files

Far-field peak

Far-field gain

Far-field comments

Near-field setup


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NSI-SW-5555 - AntennaViz™ Database/Visualization add-on

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