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Upgrade NSI Standard Edition Software to Professional Edition


NSI 2000 Professional edition includes a powerful scripting tool for making custom acquisition and processing scripts. These give the user complete and automated control of the NSI software. Scripts are constructed sign the Script Construction Kit shown above. Here the script is made by using drag-and-drop from the script command list at the left to the code window at the right, and then applying additional modifications desired.


Scripts are written in a Basic language. They can include commands to control every operation you can do from the menu and dialog interfaces. In addition, scripts allow you to call your own functions or to control other equipment by calling routines in DLL's. This includes access to Windows API functions. Scripts can even have a graphical user interface!


One of the most exciting features NSI is offering is the Active Test Procedure. Included in NSI 2000 Professional Edition, this allows the user to create a Word document or Excel spreadsheet that can control an NSI 2000 measurement or processing task. A sample Active Test Procedure might contain a table of near-field parameters and a button that sets up a test. The "Run test" button starts the acquisition, and the processing buttons will process the measured data and save the results in the document. The Active Test Procedure can be as simple as a one-button test or it can be written to do complex data manipulations and fill in a custom test report. All this can be done without changing any of the NSI software.

  • Automatic acquisition and processing of a set of files
  • Parametric studies with plot overlays: FFT size, coordinate systems, phase center, etc.
  • Custom modifications of near-field data prior to processing
  • User-defined calculations of antenna parameters
  • Custom probe motion to any position and receiver reading
  • Near-field data simulation
  • Send e-mail notifications at end of a scan

On-the fly position correction Planar
Probe pattern file correction Planar
Tilted planar holograms (90 deg) Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical
Scripting automation Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical, Far-field
Active test procedures Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical, Far-field



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NSI-SW-5301 - Upgrade NSI Standard Edition Software to Professional

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