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 NSI 2000 Standard Edition Software


NSI 2000 is a complete integrated application for advanced antenna measurements. NSI 2000 includes data acquisition and processing functions for planar, cylindrical, spherical, and far-field measurement systems.


NSI 2000 is the most advanced and comprehensive antenna measurement software available today. Running on a large number of installed systems and field tested daily by an active community of experienced users, NSI software represents a combination of experience and technology that stands ready to solve your toughest antenna measurement challenges.

NSI 2000 is a 32-bit multi-tasking Windows application that runs under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 (coming soon). NSI 2000 provides an excellent array of features that take advantage of the recent advances in operating system technologies including networking, OLE/DLL, scripting and web support. NSI is committed to supporting the latest versions of the Windows operating system, keeping your measurement system up to date. If you're already invested in the Microsoft Windows platform, then the NSI 2000 software will multiply your antenna measurement productivity while reducing your risk of obsolescence.

NSI 2000 is available in two different editions: Standard and Professional. Each Edition provides various programming options. The Professional Edition includes a powerful scripting tool to automate nearly every function of NSI 2000. The NSI 2000 software is capable of controlling both near-field and far-field measurement systems.

  • Integrated Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical Near-field and Far-field
  • Instrument drivers for NSI and Keysight RF equipment
  • Instrument drivers for NSI and other vendors' positioning equipment
  • Auto-dwell setting for RF synthesizer switching times
  • Variety of plotting formats - cuts, contour plots, 3D polar plots, listings
  • Automated pattern analysis features
  • Expert system aiding test setup
  • Automated system health checks
  • User definable startup configurations
  • User definable macro buttons
  • Drag & drop plot overlays
  • Drag & drop scripting automation
  • Holographic diagnostic imaging
  • Professional edition for full automated scripting of all NSI 2000 features

Operating systems WinXP, Win7 and Win10 (coming soon)
Measurement types Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical, Far-field
Editions Standard and Professional editions



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