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Handheld Remote Control Unit


The NSI-SW-5171 Handheld Remote Control unit adds the ability to control your near-field scanner up to 100 feet (30 m) away from the primary system computer. Typical applications allow control of the scanner from inside a chamber, in a lift, or from an AUT or scanner support platform. The Handheld Remote Control allows the operator to move each scanner axis in a specified distance, step by an incremental distance, and display the axis' current position. The unit is useful for AUT alignment and entering optical data from a theolodite or other optical tooling device. Pressing any key on the remote unit keypad will stop the scanner. Pressing the 'esc' key will return control to the primary system computer.

Control is operated from the primary system computer using a RS-232 serial interface. The cable provided with the handheld remote includes a DB-9 male connector to plug into the PC serial port, a power supply adapter, and a RJ-11 connector to plug into the handheld remote. RJ-11 extension cables can be provided up to approximately 100 feet (30 m).




* Dimensions in inches [mm]


NSI-SW-5171 includes handheld controller, AC power adapter, NSI software driver, 6.5' (2 m) Interface cable, 100 ft.(30 m) extension cable.
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