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 3-Axis AUT Positioning System with Dielectric Mast



The NSI-SC-7705 is a 3-axis AUT positioning system which can be used in near-field or far-field antenna measurement systems. The vertical mast is dielectric which allows it to be used in applications where minimal reflections and blockage are important.


The NSI-SC-7705 has 3 axes in a phi over slide over azimuth configuration. The upper rotation axis is a NSI-SC-5635, on a vertical dielectric mast mounted to an upper linear slide. This upper slide can be manually moved over a 40" (1.0 m) travel range. This stage is mounted to a NSI-SC-5638 azimuth stage, which can in turn be mounted to the floor or to an NSI lower translation stage.

  • NSI-SC-5635 upper rotation stage
  • 72" (1.8 m) dielectric mast
  • Manual upper slide, 40" (1.0 m) travel
  • NSI-SC-5638 lower rotation stage

Upper rotation stage travel 360 deg
Upper linear slide travel 40" (1.0 m) manual travel
Lower rotation stage travel 360 deg
Maximum Antenna Diameter 56" (1.4 m)
Maximum Antenna Weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Bending Moment Capacity 120 ft-lb (163 N-m)
Torque Capability for AUT Load 60 ft-lb (81 N-m) - or larger with counterweight



  • Width - 101" (2575 mm)
  • Depth - 25" (628 mm)
  • Height - 120" (3054 mm)
  • Weight - 800 lb (363 kg)

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