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 5-Axis Far-field Positioner System


The NSI-SC-7701 is a 5-axis Roll over Upper-slide over Azimuth over Elevation over Lower slide positioner which is ideal for use in an indoor far-field measurement system.


The 5-axis system can support a load of 400 lb (181 kg) on the Roll stage. An optional support post mounted on the the upper slide can be used to convert the Roll stage into an Elevation motion for the antenna. The 5-axis system interfaces to a standard NSI 2000 motion controller or can also be controlled directly by the customer using TTL pulse and direction control commands. The Azimuth and Roll stages also have an integral 26.5 GHz rotary joint and 24 contact slip ring assembly to pass additional signals through the stages for other customer applications such as antenna control or for an additional positioner.

  • High accuracy/capacity
  • Stepper motor driven
  • Motor driver electronics
  • Power input can be 110 or 220 V AC
  • Roll and Azimuth stage travel 360 deg
  • Elevation stage travel +/-20 deg
  • Lower slide travel 36" (0.9 m)
  • Upper slide travel 16" (0.4 m)
  • Optional encoders can be added to any axis

Total load 400 lb (181 kg)
Operating speed - angular ROLL/AZ/EL - 30/5/1 deg/s
Operating speed - linear Upper/Lower slides - 0.2 / 1.0 in/s
Mechanical backlash of rotation stages 0.05 deg
Travel-linear Lower slide 36" (0.9 m) Upper slide 16" (.4 m)
Travel-angular ROLL 360 deg, AZ 360 deg, EL +/-20 deg
Accuracy-angular +/-0.05 deg
Accuracy-linear +/-0.001"




  • Width - 123 in (3.12 m)
  • Depth - 85 in (2.16 m)
  • Height - 119 in (3.02 m)
  • Weight - 3,200 lb (1,451 kg)
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