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The AUT (Antenna Under Test) Alignment Laser Subsystem is used on planar scanners to adjust parallelism between AUT and the scan plane. It is mounted on the probe carriage and connected to scanner system control workstation. NSI software automatically positions the laser over the selected reflective surface of AUT and reads the sensor to allow precise adjustment of AUT alignment.

Typical Laser Sensor Attachment

  • Equivalent to touch probe system to allow AUT Az and El alignment with scanner
  • Avoids physical contact with AUT
  • Software allows recording of Z sensor reading at each point
  • Substituted for RF probe to perform AUT alignment
  • Software calculates and displays angular tilt from NSI scanner reference plane
  • Laser mount extender available to maintain detection range accuracy when necessary

Alignment Accuracy 0.050 mm
Active Range 11.8 to 14.6 in (0.30 to 0.37 m)
Accuracy ±0.003 in.
Laser Mount Extender


    Width - 5.31" (135mm)
    Depth - 2.01" (51mm)
    Height - 4.13" (105mm)

    Laser Alignment User Interface

Please contact the NSI Sales department to order this subsystem.

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