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 Spinning Z-Plane Laser


The NSI-OP-5930 Spinning Z-Plane Laser is used along with the Z-Plane Sensor to measure the planarity of a planar near-field scanner. The NSI-OP-5930 laser is located at the -X-Y corner of a vertical or horizontal scanner and projects a rotating laser beam onto the Z-plane sensor mounted to a 45-degree angle bracket on the probe antenna platform. As the beam rotates, the sensor detects and processes probe Z-plane error and provides that information to the computer for analysis. When combined with the NSI 2000 software, the sensor provides an automated technique to acquire an XY measurement grid of Z-error data. Using the Z-sensor and Z-laser, the grid can be easily updated to monitor scanner deformation over time. The Z-error grid may be used with NSI's on-the-fly error correction capability (requires probe Z-stage) to correct the probe position during antenna measurements.


  • Error model to remove systematic errors
  • Sweeps vertical or horizontal plane
  • Requires Z-plane sensor, DSP interface unit and software (included with NSI-OP-5908 and NSI-OP-5929 Measurement Systems)

Beam type Helium Neon (visible red)
Beam power Rotating:  2.0 mW
Beam diameter 0.375" (10 mm)
Repeatability 1.5 arcseconds (7.3 µrad)
Range (typical) 100 ft (30 m)
Warm-up period (minimum) 1 hour
NOTE:  Laser specifications are typical and may differ at time of order.


  • Width - 8" (203mm)
  • Depth - 13.33" (338mm)
  • Height - 10.72" (272mm)
  • NOTE:  Laser dimensions listed are typical.

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