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 XY Optical Measurement Subsystem


The NSI-OP-5928 XY Optical Measurement Subsystem is intended for use on vertical (figure above) or horizontal (figure below) planar near-field scanners to measure up to six parameters of distance and deformation of the probe line of travel. Two distance parameters include optical interferometer measurements of the X and Y travel. Four deformation parameters include the Yerr and Zyerr error as the probe moves in the X direction, and the Xerr and Zxerr error as the probe moves in the Y direction of travel. The NSI-OP-5928 XY Optical Measurement Subsystem includes the NSI-OP-5906A XY Optics Assembly, XY Laser, X and Y retroreflectors, laser alignment mirrors, DSP interface unit, software, cables, mounting brackets, installation and alignment on your scanner.


  • NSI patented technique
  • Triggered data acquisition at the position from the laser to improve measurement accuracy
  • Good for large size planar scanners and high frequency measurements
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal planar scanners
  • Includes DSP interface unit and software

X-position accuracy 0.001" (0.025 mm)
Y-position accuracy 0.001" (0.025 mm)
X-axis straightness 0.002" (0.050 mm)
Y-axis straightness 0.002" (0.050 mm)
XY-axis laser beam orthogonality 2.5 arcseconds (12 µrad)
Maximum axis velocity 20 in/s (508 mm/s)
Maximum optical range 40 m
Beam diameter (typical) 0.24" (6 mm)
Maximum beam output power 1 mW
Laser warm-up time (minimum) 10 minutes

NSI-OP-5906A XY Optics Assembly


  • For XY Optics Assembly dimensions, see NSI-OP-5906A
  • XY Laser dimensions:  14.1" (359 mm)L x 5.2" (132 mm)W x 5.1" (128 mm)H

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