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Z Plane Laser Subsystem


The Z-Plane Laser Measurement System consists of a rotating Z-plane laser installed at the base of the scanner, and a Z-plane sensor mounted on the probe antenna platform at a 45-degree angle. The Z-plane sensor is connected by cable to the DSP interface unit that supplies the power and receives the processed photodetector information.

Knowledge of the scan plane can be an important input for your near-field error budget since imperfections in the scan plane contribute to excessive gain and side lobe errors. With the NSI-OP-5908 subsystem installed on your scanner, the scan plane flatness can be measured to within 0.002” or less depending upon the size of your scanner. With the probe mounted to a Z-axis translation stage, NSI correction software insures that your probe deviates by no more than 0.002” from a flat plane, or better, depending on the scanner size.


Planarity Uncorrected
Corrected Scan Plane

  • Improves Z planarity
  • Includes Z-plane sensor, Z-plane laser, DSP interface unit and software (included with NSI-OP-5929 Measurement System)
  • Efficient approach to update the Z plane correction table to dynamically correct for Z position error during scanning

See NSI-OP-5904 for Z-Sensor specifications
See NSI-OP-5930 for Z-Laser specifications
Typical Spinning Z-Laser (NSI-OP-5930)
Z-Sensor (NSI-OP-5904)



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