Radio Frequency (RF) shielded enclosures consisting of rigid modular wall, floor, and ceiling panels in an integral framing system designed to provide a sound mechanical structure and low impedance to RF joints. Structural members installed at wall and ceiling and RF framing members to enable enclosure to be a free-standing unit. Available with or without Absorber..


Convenient method for shielding from potential extraneous signal interference, controlling radiation to/from external sources, and also suitable for EMI/RFI/EMC testing.

  • One RF shielded personnel door
  • Two RF air vents
  • One RF penetration panel (additional panels optional)
  • Two AC line filters
  • Two light fixtures
  • Polyvinyl and masonite (or equivalent) underlayment
  • Structural members installed at wall & ceiling
  • RF framing members to enable enclosure to be freestanding

Nominal attenuation (tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285) - 100 dB to electric fields and plane waves from 14 KHz to 10 GHz
- 60 dB to magnetic fields at 14 KHz rising to 100 dB at 200 KHz
Absorber 12" pyramidal absorber standard, 18" or 24" optional
Personnel door size Clear opening 3' W x 7' H standard. Optional alternative doorsizes: 4' W x 7' H or 8' W x 12' H (double-door) (availability dependant on chamber configuration).
RF Air vents dimensions 18" W x 18" each
Equipment grounding facilities Includes one (1) brass ground stud
RF penetration panel dimensions 12" W x 12" H standard.

Typical layout of cubic chamber (NSI-CH-16C, -20C)

Typical layout of rectangular chamber (NSI-CH-18R)


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