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For high accuracy measurements, the NSI-OP-5929 Optical Measurement System (NSI Patent No.5,408,318) can be added to a vertical or horizontal scanner to improve the probe position
accuracy. This optional measurement system dynamically tracks probe X and Y positions in real time. The system also permits automated generation of probe X, Y and Z calibration error tables. The system uses laser interferometers for the X and Y position feedback, and a patented NSI optical subsystem for measuring the probe’s straightness. The NSI Antenna Measurement Software with built-in monitoring and calibration routines controls the optical system. The system includes NSI’s active position correction software, which uses the measured errors to actively move to a corrected position on the fly while acquiring near-field data (NSI Patent No. 5,419,631). The system consists of a spinning Z-laser, Z-sensor, Optics Box, laser interferometers, and software. NSI's standard optical products and subsystems are listed below.


NSI-OP-5929 XYZ Optical Measurement System - Includes NSI-OP-5928 XY Optical Measurement Subsystem and NSI-OP-5908 Z-Plane Laser Subsystem

NSI-OP-5928 XY Optical Measurement Subsystem - Includes NSI-OP-5906A XY Optics Assembly, XY Laser, Interfaces, Cables and Software

NSI-OP-5908 Z-Plane Laser Subsystem - Includes NSI-OP-5904 Z-Plane Sensor, NSI-OP-5930 Z-Plane Laser, Interfaces, Cables and Software

NSI-OP-5906A XY Optics Assembly

NSI-OP-5904 Z-Plane Sensor

NSI-OP-5930 Z-Plane Laser

NSI-OP-5940 AUT Alignment Laser Subsystem


NSI-400V-23x22 Scanner with XYX Optics


Typical uncorrected and correct planarity using NSI XYZ optics to correct scanner




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