NSI-RF-90001D RF System

(Panther 9000/7020 System)

NSI-RF-90001D-20 (1 to 20 GHz)
NSI-RF-90001D-40 (1 to 40 GHz)
NSI-RF-90001D-50 (1 to 50 GHz)


Typical Implementation

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The NSI-RF-90001D is a high performance antenna measurement system based on the NSI 9000 High-Perfomance Panther Receiver with integrated High-speed Beam Controller, dual Panther 7020 20 GHz sources (RF & LO) and the NSI Distributed Frequency Converter with remote mixers. The NSI-RF-90001D system provides frequency coverage from 1 to 20 GHz (-20 option), 1 to 40 GHz (-40 option) or 1 to 50 GHz (-50 option). The system block diagram is shown below. Click here to see the NSI-RF-90001D in a planar near-field application.

The Panther 9000 receiver is capable of 300,000 measurements per second (integration time is 320 ns). By increasing the number of averages, the Panther receiver provides the flexibility of trading dynamic range for measurement speed.

The Panther 7020 frequency source has a settling time of 100 microseconds.

The NSI-RF-90001D RF System includes the following elements.

  •   NSI Panther 9000 High Speed Receiver with integrated high-speed beam controller
  •   NSI Panther 7020 Sources (2, RF and LO), 0.1-20 GHz
  •   NSI-RF-5940 Distributed Frequency Converter, 1-26.5 GHz
  •   System rack
  •   RF cables and components
  •   Control cables
  •   Documentation
  •   2 Year Warranty
  •   Options: -20 (1 to 20 GHz), -40 (1 to 40 GHz), -50 (1 to 50 GHz)

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