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September 1, 2015


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In this Issue:

NSI Announces New Data-Visualization Software. NSI's new Database and Data Visualization software add-on, AntennaViz™, adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability to your existing NSI 2000 toolkit.

NSI is Host for This Year's AMTA Symposium. NSI is hosting the 37th annual AMTA symposium and conference to be held in Long Beach, CA, October 11 - 16.

NSI is Delighted to be Part of the New Millimeter-wave Antenna Test Laboratory at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis-CNRS-LEAT and Platform Conception of CIMPACA, which recently opened in the South of France.

A New NSI 2000 Software Capability That Allows for Unequal Sampling Intervals on the Theta and Phi Axes Can be Use to Optimize Spherical Near-field Measurement Times.

The 9th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation was Held in Lisbon, Portugal. NSI attended the 9th EUCAP Conference in Lisbon, Portugal held from 12 - 17 April 2015.

Sign Up Now for the NSI Antenna Measurements Short Course. Sign-ups are now being accepted for our annual Antenna Measurement Short Course, to be held at NSI headquarters in Torrance, CA from March 8 - 11, 2016.

NSI on the Road. Come see us throughout the year at upcoming events.

Learn More About Near-field Antenna Measurements. If you've wondered about near-field measurements and whether they can improve your antenna test...



NSI Announces New Data Visualization Software

NSI's new Database and Data Visualization software add-on, AntennaViz™ (NSI-SW-5555,), adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability to your existing NSI 2000 toolkit.  This package includes productivity, speed, and collaboration enhancements to aid in your antenna measurement process. 

Some of the new features available are:

  1. Database Structure with Sorting, Filtering, And User Query Capability
  2. Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Files and Beams
  3. “Movie” Mode For Analysis of Multiple Beam and Multiple Frequency Data
  4. Multiple Dockable Windows for Database, Plots, Data and Scripts
  5. Detached plot module with ability to independently change plot parameter types, scaling, NF/FF/HOLO domain, etc.
  6. Contour Plot Overlay for Beams/Freqs  & Graphical Markers on Plots
  7. Multiple Monitor Support / Multiple 3D plots
  8. Save and Restore all Plot Viewing Windows Including Detached Plots
  9. Save Processed Far-field and Holo Results for Fast Analysis and Presentation

See information on our web page at  http://www.nearfield.com/products/antennaviz.aspx  for more details on this add-in package, or contact your sales representative.

NSI AntennaViz
NSI's New AntennaViz Data Visualation and Database Software

NSI is Host for This Year's AMTA Symposium in Long Beach, CA

Registration is now open and early registration ends September 1st.  Conference venue hotel rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis at a rate of $189/night.

In addition to a strong technical program with over 110 papers being presented, here are some of the other highlights planned throughout the week:
  • Dr. Daniel Janse van Rensburg & Dr. Stuart Gregson will be presenting this year’s Sunday Short Course on “Near-field Measurement Error Analysis & Computational Electromagnetic Modelling”, and will focus on near-field range assessment based on the well-known 18-term error budget framework that is commonly used in industry. Determination of each error term will be discussed and where applicable, computational electromagnetic modelling will be used to demonstrate specific concepts.
  • This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Chi On Chui, who will be discussing the future of modern day medicine and UCLA’s work on clinical diagnosis using semi-conductor technology.
  • Join us Monday Night aboard the historic Queen Mary as we travel back in time to the early 1940’s.  This majestic ocean liner was once the queen of the seas, and has hosted diplomats, royalty, and celebrities, in addition to transporting military personnel during WWII.  Learn about her colorful past during a pre-dinner tour.  Then join us in the Veranda Grill for an evening of dinner & dancing.
  • James Rautio will be presenting his popular talk on the “Life of James Clerk Maxwell” during this year’s Thursday Lunch & Learn.   Come and learn about the man behind the equations.
  • Thursday evening we will be unwinding with dinner, drinks and music at the Sgt. Peppers Dueling Pianos.    Have a favorite song?  Fill out a request slip and be prepared to sing-a-long!
  • Our Friday Technical Tour will be a behind-the-scenes tour of the USS IOWA battleship.  Experts will be on-hand to discuss and answer questions about her various working systems.  Lunch on deck will also be provided.  Proper ship attire is advised for this tour.

Want to learn more or register for this event?  Visit amta2015.org for online registration and all the latest & update information.



NSI is Delighted to be Part of the New Millimeter-wave Antenna Test Laboratory at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis-CNRS-LEAT and Platform Conception of CIMPACA

NSI is delighted to be part of the new University Nice Sophia Antipolis mm-Wave antenna test laboratory which recently opened in the South of France.  As part of this new facility, NSI installed a millimeter wave three-axis articulated spherical near-field/far-field antenna test system (NSI-700S-360) that is capable of characterizing a wide variety of antennas from a few GHz up to several hundred GHz. This system will be used primarily for probe-fed on-chip antenna research and development and includes a unique minimum blockage precision probing station system with mm-wave head extension module that was designed in collaboration with the customer.


The NSI-700S-360 Spherical Near-field/Far-field Scanner Installed at University Nice Sophia Antipolis - CNRS - LEAT and Platform Conception of CIMPACA

The measurement of the antenna pattern and match of a millimeter-wave antenna is a very challenging task.  Millimeter wave on-chip antennas are typically only a few square millimeters in size which implies that conventional coaxial connectors cannot be used for excitation. However, microelectronic probe feeding techniques is a possible feeding solution.  The measurement set-up here was developed from a classical microelectronic probe measurement station, but was mechanically modified to offer an almost perfect non-metallic environment in the vicinity of the antenna-under-test. This makes it possible to measure the gain of linearly and circularly-polarized antennas in several single planes or over a quasi-3D sphere with the microelectronic probe being the only source of blockage.


A New NSI 2000 Spherical Near-field Sampling Capability to Reduce Test Times for Wireless Base Station Antennas

A new NSI 2000 software capability, which allows for unequal sampling intervals of the theta and phi axes, can optimize spherical near-field (SNF) measurement times. This feature is of specific interest when characterizing base station type antennas that have a rectangular aperture shape.  SNF sampling density is determined by the minimum sphere radius (MRE), but this concept is optimal for square or circular apertures.  The number of spherical modes that must be resolved is determined as N = 2π(MRE/λ) + 10.  The angular sampling density of near-field (NF) data needed over the measurement sphere in order to be able to properly reconstruct the far-zone radiation pattern of the AUT is then determined by the angular increments Δθ = Δφ = 2π/(2N + 1). However, the SNF theory does not require equal sampling of these two axes and it is possible to deal with these indices independently. The reason for considering different sampling densities for each axis is that it allows for certain classes of antennas to be tested in a more efficient way.  One such case where this technique may be applied is the characterization of long skinny antennas that are mounted equatorially (like a base station antenna) as shown below. 


NSI-700S-70 Scanner with Horizontal AUT Support

For this type of antenna measurement setup, the AUT would have a narrow pattern about the vertical θ-axis and a much broader pattern about the horizontal φ-axis. Using a single MRE value, while perfectly valid, forces one to sample more densely along the φ-axis than is actually required. We can introduce the concept of a second MRE’ and determine two distinct values for Δθ and Δφ. Conceptually, we construct two cylinders about the AUT as shown below. The cylinder of radius MRE is then used to determine Δθ, and that of radius MRE' used to determine Δφ. Sampling of the NF data is then done using these unequal angular increments. Measurement time is reduced proportionally to the reduction of the number of φ-cuts, and can be as much as 60%.  This new feature is available in the latest revision of NSI 2000 (V4.12.21 or later).

700S-70 MREs

The Imaginary Vertical Cylinder (whose axis is the theta axis) has radius MRE. The Imaginary Horizontal Cylinder (whose axis is the phi axis) has readius MRE'.



This Year, the 9th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) Took Place in Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal

The EuCAP conference is growing fast and becoming one of the largest conferences in the antenna community.  This year there were a record high number of submitted papers, resulting in a total 1019 accepted papers, presented over the week in parallel oral sessions and poster sessions.   In addition to the technical program, more than 40 companies participated in this year’s exhibition.

NSI Booth at EuCAP 2015

NSI Exhibit Booth at EuCAP 2015

This year NSI exhibited a live demonstration system comprised of a NSI-200V-3x3 planar near-field scanner with NSI-700S-30 spherical near-field add-on, using the latest Panther 8000 based RF sub-system. Visitors to the NSI exhibit booth were able to see all the powerful features of our NSI 2000 software during real-time data acquisitions, in addition to NSI’s latest products, including:

  • NSI Compact Ranges
  • New Panther receiver and RF Sources
  • Heavy duty positioners
  • The latest reference text book about antenna measurements
Daniel Janse van Rensburg presented an Invited Paper entitled: “Factors Limiting the Upper Frequency of mm-Wave Spherical Near-field Test Systems”. This presentation was attended by 220 people.

Daniel Janse van Rensberg

Daniel Janse van Rensberg, EuCAP 2015 Invited Speaker

NSI's recent participation at EuCAP 2015 was certainly most productive and rewarding! If you missed the opportunity to visit us this year, no worries, we will be waiting for you next year at EUCAP 2016, Davos, Switzerland, 11-15 April 2016!



Sign Up Now for the NSI Antenna Measurements Short Course

Our next course will be conducted at our NSI headquarters in Torrance, CA from March 8 - 11, 2016. This extensive four day course, presented by our resident NSI experts, covers a multitude of topics pertaining to near-field theory, practice, and measurement techniques.  This is a great opportunity for new and existing users to learn more about their systems and current antenna test techniques. 

NSI Short Course

NSI 4-Day Short Course

Seats are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis, so make your reservations early.  The course brochure and registration form for the NSI Short Course can be downloaded from our website.

See, http://www.nearfield.com/events/ShortCourses.aspx.



Upcoming NSI Events


October 6 - 9, 2015

October 11 - 16, 2015

November 2 - 3, 2015

36th ESA Antenna Workshop (The Netherlands)

AMTA 2015 (Long Beach, CA)

LAPC 2015 (Loughborough, UK)

See NSI at other tradeshows and short courses during 2015.


Learn More About Near-field Antenna Measurements

If you've wondered about near-field measurements and whether they can improve your antenna test process, see NSI's Near-field 101 page for a short tutorial on near-field measurements or view our on-line videos at http://www.nearfield.com/AMTV/index.htm.

For more information on NSI products and solutions, contact the NSI Sales Department.

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