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On-site Scanner Z-planarity mapping





NSI's on-site scanner Z plane mapping is done using a calibrated jig transit, theodolite, or laser tracker system to check the accuracy of the scanners probe motion over the full XY travel range. This check is recommended yearly, and can be combined with other scanner maintenance services if desired.


NSI's engineers will bring all the required equipment on-site and perform the test and document the results. We will also refresh the scanner's calibration lookup table, and if dynamic Z-plane correction is used, we will re-shoot the scanner plane with the dynamic correction on. Below is typical data on the scanner Z planarity improvement which can be accomplished using NSI's dynamic correction process.

Typical NSI Z plane data set showing scanner uncorrected planarity of 0.113 mm (4.4 mils) rms and corrected planarity of 0.02 mm (0.8 mils) rms

  • - Map scanner Z-plane
  • - Typical grid size 7x7 points
  • - Enter data into correction grid
  • - Re-measure corrected Z-plane
  • Recommended yearly
  • NSI provides the required calibrated optical instruments

Typical accuracy (varies with scanner size) < 0.001" (0.025 mm)






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