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Chamber Accuracy Testing




NSI's Chamber Accuracy Testing will help you insure your test range provides you with the optimum and documented performance for your antenna measurement facility. The method of accuracy testing will vary with your specific installation and complement of equipment. A common method of range accuracy testing is to use an NSI Standard Gain Horn (SGH) and perform range pattern testing at two different distances separated by 1/4 wavelength, or on a spherical NF range by comparing 360phi sphere data to 180phi sphere data. The comparison of the results gives an estimate of the range reflection performance. In the image above, you can see the result of a complete range reflection test NSI did on one of its test ranges over the full frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz.

This testing will provide a good estimate of the range reflection level which is one of the terms in the 18-Term NIST range assessment. For more information on our full NIST 18-term range assessment service, see our datasheet at NSI-SU-5610.


NSI's engineers will run appropriate tests to help you evaluate and document your range performance. The frequency bands covered will depend on the range of your RF equipment including Standard Gain Horn (SGH) antennas and near-field probes. During the testing, we will also help evaluate your test range ability to measure gain and directivity accurately (see below for results of SGH directivity testing in one of our test ranges over the full frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz).

  • Determination of range reflection levels
  • Determination of range ability to measure gain and directivity accurately
  • Full operational check of system
  • Complete report on system performance



Result of multi-frequency directivity test over 1 - 40 GHz


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