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Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Service



NSI's Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Service will help you insure your test range provides you with the optimum and documented performance for your antenna and RCS measurement facility. NSI engineers will bring a quiet zone field probe on-site to your facility and characterize the amplitude and phase flatness of the quiet zone in your indoor or outdoor far-field range or your Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Our analysis capability with the 2D scanned data will also allow the identification of scattering sources and RF leakages.


NSI's engineers have characterized quiet zone performance and performed diagnostic tests on numerous far-field and CATR ranges. See our published technical papers on the subject on our website
Anechoic Chamber Diagnostic Imaging
Anechoic Chamber Evaluation

Chamber Evaluation Block Diagram

  • Probing of quiet zone area for amplitude and phase ripple
  • 2-D CW SAR imaging of reflections in chamber
  • Report on range performance and recommendations for improvements
  • Isolation of leakage and reflections in chamber
  • Determination of faulty RF equipment
  • Summary report of data and recommendations for improvement

Scan area 12' (3.8m) diameter
Position accuracy 0.002" (0.05 mm) rms
Frequency range Application specific
Microwave probes used NSI standard Open Ended Waveguide (OWEG) Probes





  • Width - N/A
  • Depth - N/A
  • Height - N/A
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