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The Panther 9100 High-Speed Receiver is designed for high performance antenna testing where speed and accuracy are required. This two-channel system collects multi-port, multi-frequency data at 2 Million (2,000,000) measurements per second, while freeing the measurement application software from stringent timing requirements.

The Panther 9100 Receiver is capable of high-speed pulsed measurements of < 1 µs while improving on the high-performance specifications of the Panther 6000. The Panther 9100 Receiver includes a front panel LED "Phi" display capable of simultaneously showing amplitude, phase and beam state.

  • High speed digital measurement receiver
  • Reduces antenna test time - improves range productivity
  • 2 Million (2,000,000) multi-beam measurements per second
  • Frequency coverage from 5 MHz to 110 GHz with appropriate frequency converter
  • Pulse measurements down to less than 1 µs pulse width
  • Supports pulse profiling
  • Supports a wide variety of RF sources from NSI, Keysight, and others
  • Supports multi-port switching, synchronization, and pulse mode options
  • Simple DLL interface allows integration into automated test programs
  • Digital interface option for Digital Beam Forming antenna test


  • Panther 9100 Receiver with High Speed Beam Controller
  • Driver software and test program
  • Panther 9100 User's Guide
  • Panther 9100 Receiver with two NSI-RF-9020 RF sources and
    NSI-RF-5945 Distributed Frequency Converter


    The Panther 9100 improves on the Panther 6000 Receiver and high-speed beam controller to provide unparalleled speed for fast, accurate CW and pulsed measurements.

    • The Panther 9100 Receiver collects amplitude and phase data from its Test and Reference IF inputs, and transfers the amplitude and phase data directly to the host computer through a LAN interface. The receiver can be commanded to average measurements to increase dynamic range. It is compatible with frequency converter systems including Keysight's 85310A and NSI's IFC & DFC.
    • A high speed beam controller is integrated with the Panther 9100. The beam controller manages the critical timing for multi-port, multi-frequency measurements, relieving the host computer of exacting timing requirements. The Panther 9100 can control two sources and three 8-bit switches, and has TTL inputs and outputs for synchronization with external equipment. Maximum performance is achieved by using external hardware triggering to initiate beam controller operations. Software triggering is provided to allow operation without a hardware trigger. In pulse-mode antenna measurements, the Panther 9100 will synchronize to an incoming pulse, providing a programmable trigger delay to set the receiver trigger to the desired point along the pulse.

    NSI 2000 Antenna Measurement Software fully supports the advanced capabilities of the Panther 9000 System. For other applications, NSI provides a simple DLL programming interface, allowing integration of the Panther 9000 System with customer-supplied measurement application software.

    Panther 9100 Rear Panel



    Measurement speed (max) 2 Million (2,000,000) measurements per second
    Receiver integration time (1 average) 320 ns
    IF bandwidth (1 average) > 1 MHz
    Channels 2 (signal and reference)
    IF frequency (nominal, others optional) 20 MHz
    0.1 dB Compression (20 MHz IF level) -13 dBm
    Sensitivity (20 MHz IF level)

    -88 dBm at 320 ns int. time (1 ave)
    -108 dBm at 32 µs int. time (100 ave)

    Dynamic range

    > 75 dB at 320 ns int. time (1 ave)
    > 95 dB at 32 µs int. time (100 ave)

    IF input ports 4
    IF samplers 2
    Data buffer 1 GB
    Data buffer size (memory available for single cut) > 64,000,000 measurement points
    Beam controller setup time (min) < 2 Ás
    Beam controller timing resolution 10 ns
    Minimum pulse width < 1 µs
    Host computer interface 10/100 Ethernet
    Switch control Three (3) 8-bit ports, RS-422 differential
    Frequency source control interfaces Parallel (two 47-bit ports)
    Trigger inputs / outputs Eight (8) in, Eight (8) out, single-ended TTL
    Size (Weight) 6U, 10.5"H x 19"W x 22"D (60 lb)
    Expansion ports 2 high-speed serial ports for beam control
    USB ports 1 Rear Panel
    Non-volatile memory Removable Compact Flash card for security requirements
    AC power requirements 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Controls and indicators LED Phi display

    Specifications subject to change

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