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á NSI-RF-7020

High Speed Source



The NSI 7020 Panther High Speed Microwave Source is designed specifically to address the demanding needs of the antenna test community. The Panther 7020 is a high performance source designed for high-speed frequency switching applications. The 7020 is compatible with a wide variety of receivers, including the NSI Panther 9100 and the Keysight PNA.


  • Up to 10,000 frequencies per second (100 Ás/pt.) - reducing antenna test time and improving range productivity
  • 0.1 to 20.0 GHz
  • Power output +8 dBm typical
  • Compatible with a variety of receivers
  • Built-in pulse modulator with TTL modulation input
  • Remote operation with 30 m (100 ft.) control cable
  • Fully integrated with NSI 2000 antenna measurement software
  • Stand-alone applications, or
  • NSI driver provided as part of Panther 9100 receiver system with high-speed beam controller (HSBC)
  • Resolution: 10 Hz
  • Parallel BCD interface


Panther 9100 System with 7020 Sources



Compatible with NSI 2000 Antenna Measurement Software - this example shows a multi beam data set.
  • NSI-RF-7020 Source unit
  • Driver for integration with NSI Antenna Measurement Software
  • Driver for integration with NSI Panther 9100 Receiver with HSBC
  • Power supply cord
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Two year warranty

    The Panther 7020 Source has a parallel BCD interface to set the frequency. The frequency list is loaded into the beam controller (NSI High Speed Beam Controller - HSBC). During a measurement, the beam controller sets the frequency of the 7020 Source.

    NSI provides full program support for the Panther 7020 with its NSI 2000 Antenna Measurement Software. For other applications, NSI provides the drivers required for integration with the Panther 9100 receiver with High-Speed Beam Controller (HSBC).  For stand-alone applications, NSI provides the differential BCD control interface definition.

    NSI Panther 9100-based RF systems offer a unique accuracy-enhancing feature that takes advantage of the NSI-RF-7020’s speed and flexibility. Planar near-field measurements are subject to measurement errors caused by spurious outputs of the wide-band sources at specific test frequencies. Even though these “spurs” are well below the desired signal output (-60 to -80 dBc), the additive nature of the near-to-far-field transform multiplies the effect of the errors. In NSI Panther systems, we take advantage of the Panther‘s fast firmware to “dither” the frequency of the source between each measurement point, returning to the desired test frequency before the next point is recorded. With this scheme the phase of the desired signal is maintained, while the phase of any “spur” is randomized. Because spurs are now randomized in phase, the near-to-far field transform will reduce rather than increase the errors caused by spurs.

    NSI-RF-7020 Output Power vs Frequency

    NSI-RF-7020 Power vs Freq


    NSI-RF-7020 Harmonics vs Frequency

    NSI-RF-7020 Harmonics vs Frequency


    Power Out +8 dBm typical
    Frequency Range 0.1 to 20.0 GHz
    Frequency Switching Speed 10,000 frequencies per second (100 Ás/pt.)
    Frequency Resolution 10 Hz
    Harmonics -18 dBc, typical
    Phase Noise -90 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset
    Frequency Stability (Note 1) 4x10E-8/day, 8x10E-6/year, ±4x10E-6/0-50 °C
    Software Interface Support for NSI Antenna Measurement Software and Panther 9100 Receiver/HSBC
    Computer Interface Differential BCD
    RF Outputs SMA female
    Size (HxWxD) 8.75" x 17.0" x 18.0"
    Controls and Indicators DC power indicator, Band selection: x1, x2, x4, off indicator, pulse mode enabled, input pulses
    Frequency Reference In 10 MHz, BNC connector
    Frequency Reference Out 10 MHz, BNC connector

    Note 1: For greater accuracy, the source can be locked to an external standard.

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