Far-Field Range Upgrades

    Modular System Approach

NSI offers turnkey packages to upgrade existing far-field antenna ranges. An upgrade will enhance throughput, reliability, and quality of measurement results while reducing operation and maintenance costs.
NSI’s modular approach allows for incremental upgrades as requirements, funding, and schedules permit. It includes the ability to interface with existing positioner subsystems, and other equipment. The NSI baseline antenna measurement system includes the following elements:

- NSI 2000 Far-field Antenna Measurement and Analysis Software
- Intel based measurement workstation
- High performance RF subsystem designed specifically for antenna applications
- I/O interfaces to permit use of existing positioner subsystems
- Rack cabinet
- Installation and operator training




NSI Far-field Antenna Measurement System
NSI Typical Far-field Range Upgrade Block Diagram


- NSI 2000 supports the Panther Receiver Subsystem or selection of Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu VNA's (contact NSI for a complete list).
    Contact NSI with a full list of your existing positioning equipment, and our sales engineers will evaluate the best option for upgrading your range.
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