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"Near-Field Antenna Measurements"  by Dan Slater

Published by Artech House

ISBN Number: 0-89006-361-3

Number Pages: 310
Published: 1991

"Presents a broad technical overview of the practical aspects of near-field antenna metrology, with an emphasis on planar near-field measurements...For the professional antenna metrologist, this text will serve as a valuable contribution to the bookshelf."

-- IEEE Antennas and Propagation

Table of Contents - Near-Field Antenna Measurements

Near-Field Measurement Concepts: 
        Near and Far Field Regions. 
        Measurement Concepts. 
        Fourier Optics. 
        Doppler Beam Forming. 
        Aperture Synthesis. 
        Other Related Technologies.

Near-Field Measurements: 
        Near-field Sampling Theory. 
        Far Field Transformation Techniques. 
        Probe Correction.

Microwave Interferometer: 
        Vector Network Analyzers. 
        Microwave Sources. 
        Phase References. 
        Microwave Receiver. 
        Radar Techniques.

Coordinate Measurements and Machining: 
        Mechanical Coordinate Measurements. 
        Optical Coordinate Measurements.
        Microwave Holographic Metrology. 
        Surface Machining Operations.

Small Near-Field Measurement Systems: 
        Low Cost Near-Field Measurement Systems. 
        Portable Near-Field Measurement Systems.

Robotic Systems Design: 
        Robot Skeleton. 
        Position Measurement System. 
        Servo Control System. 
        Robot Computational System. 
        Control System Software. 
        Safety Systems. 
        Representative Near-Field Designs.

        Test Design. 
        Facility Interface. 
        Data Acquisition. 
        Data Processing. 
        Antenna Alignment. 
        Automated Operations. 
        Documentation and Training.

Near-Field Measurement Error Analysis: 
        Interferometer Stability. 
        Reference Cable Stability.
        Interferometer Linearity. 
        RF Leakage. 
        Scan Plane Truncation Errors. 
        Scanner Positioning Errors. 
        Pattern Measurement Uncertainty. 
        Gain Measurement Uncertainty.
        Boresight Measurement Uncertainty. 
        Holographic Measurements.

        Coordinate Systems. 
        Near-Field Measurement Terminology. 
        Misconceptions About Near-Field-Measurements.
        Fourier and Related Transforms. 
        Far-Field Transform Program Listing. 

List of Acronyms. 

List of Symbols. 


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